Positive Focus

Live Ocean needs a focus- like ” following the Whale Migration”, or ” Looking into the Pacific Gyre”, or “A boat built from plastic bottles” .   So, I have come up with an idea, and bounced it off a few people!  I would love you thoughts  . . .

 I would like to chronicle all the positive the work that is being done along our route (proposed down the west coast, Mexico, Canal, Carribbean), and inspire people to create their own community action programs when they can see the success of others.  I feel like a lot of environmental movements have a very
negative spin, and I would like to create a force for positive change as we move about on our educational travels.  We will also be uploading our own eco vignettes/videos to our  website, as originally planned.We would interview them, then write an article/post a video.  Plus, all these organizations would have local schools/connections already in place to check out our educational stuff.

When we are at sea, we can still focus on the cool educational stuff out there,:  the bad (example: litter), the good/solution (what community action group is working on this) , and then
the what if (the take home message)  . . .

I think it would be a good place to start, and is actually a lot simpler
then my original idea.  Our mission statement is:

Live Ocean is an educational non-profit dedicated to inspiring the global
community to protect the oceans through innovative educational programming
and interactive technologies.

I feel like it would fit under our “general mission”, above.  We could have
a new mission, for this project something like:

Live Ocean is on an inspirational 365 day journey to explore and share the
success stories of the environmental movement in the last 50 years.

A bit rough, but, thoughts?

Julia Miller
Executive Director

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About liveocean

An environmental Education non-profit
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