Welcome to the Live Ocean Blog!

Hi Live Oceanites!

    Welcome to our new blog!  Here, we will be able to blog about our progress as we get ready for the big adventure next march. 

  This blog will be from my point of view, as founder of the project and the one who is overseeing the development.  So, maybe I should start at the beginning . . . .

August 2009 –  Hey- I have an idea.  I think I should get a group of naturalists together, get a cheap little sailboat, and sail down the coast while in contact with coastal schools using cheap new technologies like Skype!  We could film little mini lessons about what happens in the oceans, and even encourage students to influence our route through a “choose your own adventure”  format.  I think I should contact my old colleagues at Ocean Futures, and see if Jean-Michel Cousteau would be interested in being involved . ..

September 2009 – Jean-Michel Cousteau said YES!!!!  This is such an amazing start to this project, I can’t believe that this is really happening.  I have been looking at boats and talking to teachers about what we need to do for them to be interested in following our journey.

October 2009 – We got a boat!!!!  This amazing woman has offered to donate her Formosa 41 ketch to our project.  It’s a lot for the organization to take on at this point, but I think it will be a great boat for the project and allow us to take more people then I originally envisioned.

November 2009-  Boat debut and Launch Party, Big success for the kick off of our projects!

December 2009- Major Refit work begins on the boat, including removing the deck and part of the interior.

January 2009 – Rain. Lots of Rain.

February 2009- Live Ocean receives 501 (c)(3) Tax Exemption Status from the IRS!

With our exemption in hand we continue to get ready for the trip, scheduled to leave March, 2011.


About liveocean

An environmental Education non-profit
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