Bioluminescence in Appletree Cove

What an awesome evening. It began when a local in an old wooden dhingy came motoring on over with awesome neon green underglow, like he has seriosly souled up his ride. There was Also a flouresent jet stream coming off his motor.
Mike, a talkative fellow, kindly warned me about two wrecks a mere 30 feet from me, but said I should be ok for the night where I am. He then went on to tell how the biolumescence in this bay is in incredible, and soon the sardines would appear by the thousands, followed by feeding salmon that would whack against my boat all night!

Of course I was ecstatic, and reached for the video camera to record the upcoming awesomeness. Naturally, the camera cannot record in the dark, even with brilliant green flashes, so I apologize ffor yhr lack of photos.

First of all, bioluminescence is the name for the blue green glow you see in the saltwater at night, actally millions of tiny creatures that let of a series of sparks when disturbed. There are two types of these plankton, phytoplankton, or plants, and zooplankton, animals.

Every evening, all over the world, plankton and larger fish ascend from the depths to hunt in the shallows at night. It is the largest migration on earth, and creates the light displays in the water known as bioluminescence.

We are in the midst of an interesting experiment with are salt water head (toilet) to explore this more . . . Look for more info soon!


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