First Day at Sea!

Well, we finally made it off the dock, and escaped the Ship Canal.
It’s our first time in salt water with the boat, and although we have had a few hiccups, overall things are going well.

We motored across the sound to Kingston, still madly storing tools, and tuna fish. Tuna fish was cheap at Fred meyer, and since we have no budget or refridgeration, it’s great protein. All 15 cans of it.

The new GPS is working great, since we are using a lead line instead of a depth sounder,it’s nice to know exactly where we are. In case you are wondering, a lead line is a piece of rope with a weight on the end you throw over the side. It is used to sound depths in shallow water, such as a channel, or anchoring.

Basically, you throw it over, and if it hits bottom pretty quickly, it’s probably time to throw her in reverse. If it continues to pay out, it’s probably in your propeller and reverse is again in order.


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